I recently sold a home in Houston in 3 days and got multiple offers for the house. I sold with full price. Today I want to tell you how I did it and how you can do it as well. 

  1. PREPARE YOU HOME: When I go to seller presentation usually sellers are asking to me sell their house as quickly as possible. Of course, nobody wants their home to be in the market for a long time, so the first thing you want to do before your house ever hits the market is to prepare your home for the market. Buyers usually look for move-in ready houses. Deferred maintenance such as not cleaning the gutter, or not taking care of your backyard, might lead the buyer to think that the house might have bigger problems that they do not see right now. As a result, the buyer even thinks about making an offer due to a maintenance issue. So please do your maintenance before you put your house in the market.
  2. DECLUTTER: Another thing is to declutter your house. I am going to show you 2 pictures now, and if you were a buyer which one would you pick? Decluttering your home helps the buyer see your house’s real value. Basically, the less is the better. Declutter your home as best you can. How you present your home when the buyers come in effects how quickly your home will sell, how many offers you can get, how quickly you will get an offer, and for how much.
  3. PRICE IT RIGHT: For saying how much, let’s talk about the price. Let’s say if you listed your house below market value, even a brand-new agent could sell your home in a week. On the other side, if you listed your house above market value, even the most experienced agent could not sell your home at that price. Unfortunately, we don’t control market value.  Market value is other similar properties sold for in the same condition in your area, so your house will be sold with that price. If you say “But Julie, my home is worth more than that,” then we can put it on the market above price. If it’s not selling, then we can reduce the price. Property is most valuable the day it hits the market and usually sells in an average 30 days in the Spring market. If you wait a month to sell your home, you will lose your time and the buyer will start to think there is something wrong with the house. Also, they will think that the seller is desperate now so they want to make an offer of less value because it’s been on the market for so long. So, if you want to sell your house quickly, you must price it right. As for pricing strategy advisor, I can help you how you can price your home right value
  4. SELLER DISCLOSURE: is a form that states that if the seller lives in the property, they must fill it out by law. The form contains material facts and the physical condition of the property. You need to fill it out as much as you can and it is your responsibility if any non-disclosed item occurs on that form. For a quick sale, most of the time the agent will put the form on the agent side so when the buyer comes with their agent, the agent will be able to show them immediately. You can also display this form in your home so when buyers come, they can look at it.
  5. ONLINE PRESENTATION: The last thing to get your home to sell quickly is to focus on your online presentation. This step is especially important because this is how to get buyers’ attention to go and look at your property. Personally, I always hire a professional photographer to come to the house and take some beautiful pictures. If you work with me, you don’t need to worry about it because it is on me.  Just mention you watched this blog post! I also do virtual tours, videos, and virtual open houses about your house. Har.com allows me to save that video so the buyer can watch it later.  All these things influence online presentation that catches the buyer’s attention most of the time.

In sum, prepare your home before you put it in the market, such as decluttering your house and fixing maintenance problems. The next is to price your home right. Make sure you filled out the seller disclosure form when your house is on the market because most buyers want to see it ASAP before they make an offer. The last thing is an online presentation. Hiring a professional photographer makes a huge difference in how fast your house sells. Finally, think about if you were a buyer, would you buy a house above market price or a house that has been on the market for more than 60 days? Please comment I would love to see your answer. If you are new to my channel, please like my video and subscribe to my channel. Bye and see you guys in my next blog!

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